NaturalWorks is a Lisbon-based company that offers design and consultancy services in Building Energy Systems, Energy Certification and Acoustics. Our goal is to promote sustainable architecture through energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. We work in close cooperation with the architecture team and rely on software simulations, simplified modeling methods and careful climate/building site analysis.

NaturalWorks was founded in 2003 by Guilherme Carrilho da Graça, after successful consultancy work in California with Paul Linden. Early work included the development of the natural ventilation system for the San Francisco Federal building, the passive cooling system for the new San Diego Children’s museum and the Demand Response system for the New York Times Building.

In our office, located in the center of Lisbon, a team of eight engineers and consultants works in four areas of expertise: HVAC systems, Electrical systems, Thermal Envelope and Acoustics. The integration of these four areas in a single company and workspace guaranties integrated solutions with optimal performance that always start from optimized thermal envelope and with a high acoustic performance. We have three engineers exclusively in this area: a unique feature in such a small company.